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Along with award-winning fantasy & comic book illustrator, Raine Szramski, Victoria founded Mastic Studios in 2002. In 2006, Victoria branched out to form Mocking Myths Studios (now Victoria Mock Studio) which was dedicated to Fantasy Art Dolls and sculptures. Earlier this year, she expanded the scope of her work yet again to include sculptures drawn from the realms of science fiction.

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Victoria was born and raised in the mystical woodlands of southern New Jersey, not far from the enchanted kingdom of Philadelphia. As a young girl, she entered the Apprentice Guild where she first began her career as a sculptor by making golems for executive wizards in Center City.

While working late one night on a particularly whimsical golem, she unwittingly discovered the illicit activities of the nefarious Leprechaun clan, who were using their Pot-o-Gold Rainbow Network to launder money for the Pixie crime syndicate. After turning state's evidence, Victoria was quickly relocated to Arizona under the witness protection program.

Years later, Victoria's sister, Raine Szramski, used her considerable influence with the mer-ninjas of the south pacific to pressure the Pixie crime family into withdrawing their contract on Victoria. Full reconciliation between Victoria and the Pixies soon followed.  However, tensions continue to remain high between her and the leprechauns.

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